Are You Buying
a New House
or Renovating?

Have You Considered
the Placement of Your Lights,
Power points and Switches etc.?


How About a Personalised Electrical Plan That is Tailored To Your Needs and Requirements?

Your Own Unique
Custom Designed Electrical Layout


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Consider this! Have you at some point, given any thought to electrical issues (typically after we have settled in to our new home) and wished you could change them?

Common Issues


Not enough or in the wrong position. Consideration and positioning of Pendant Lights.

Power Points

Why single power points?
Not enough power points in the kitchen, laundry, bedroom, bathroom, living room, garage etc


Home Office, Home Entertainment and Security.

Light Switches

The logic regarding the locations of the light switches and dimmers.

Ceiling Fans

Consideration and positioning of ceiling fans.

We can change that!

Welcome to TL Satori Design

We are a Gold Coast-based, professional independent Interior Electrical Home Design Consultancy.

We specialise in residential electrical design layout and provide personal advice in regards to the placements of the electrical points and various technologies.

We aspire to explore options by focusing on the needs and requirements for homeowners, renovators, builders and electricians.

Together we can create a plan that is practical, convenient, aesthetic and energy-efficient.
Couple Electrical Design Process

Why a customised electrical layout and what's the benefit?

I frequently encounter clients who have previously built homes, leaving the electrical mainly to the builder or electrician. Not knowing that they can have a say in the matter quite often leaves the client frustrated and dissatisfied and every so often this leads to numerous complaints about the layout and efficiency of their home.

Building a new house or renovating can be a very exciting prospect. Most people will find that they get so consumed by the house design and project management aspects of their new home that crucial elements such as its electrical requirements tend to be overlooked. If you get these wrong, the consequences can range from a mere inconvenience, right through to major health and safety risks. Should you consider having outlets professionally moved or added at a later stage, it could unfortunately not only prove to be very costly but inconvenient as well.

By providing your builder/electrician with your electrical plan will ensure that not only have your electrical requirements been met but you will also facilitate and enhance your communication and relationship between you, the builder and the electrician.

From experience, every electrical design layout is unique. Having worked for one of the major builders in Australia as an Interior Electrical Design Consultant for over 6 years and performed more than 1500 consultations, I have found that even with identical house designs every electrical design layout has been unique due to client's requirements.

The electrical consultation process can unfortunately at times turn into a stressful, time-consuming and decision intensive task. Being prepared with an electrical design layout before the product selection, whether it's with the builder, electrician or any other party could further facilitate this process and should give you ample time to relax and enjoy the selection of products. Products selection should be considered a separate process and should be an enjoyable and exciting experience without the worry of whether there are enough or not enough lights, power points etc.

A well designed electrical layout will provide you, the builder and the electrician with a plan to work with on-site ensuring a practical, convenient, aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient design. This adds value to the home and lowers ongoing costs creating future financial benefits.

Could this be something for you?

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